EradiControl is your trusted local pest control expert in Christchurch, offering services for both domestic and commercial properties.Our pest control specialist focuses on eradicating or controlling pests using environmentally friendly service that minimizes chemical use. We tackle various pest problems such as rats, mice, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, and more. From insect infestations to unwanted house guests, we provide all-in-one solutions including inspection, treatment, proofing, and prevention.

For businesses in Christchurch dealing with pest issues, we offer quick response and excellent service to ensure the safety of your premises. Whether it's a rat problem or a wasp nest causing trouble on your property, our experts deliver effective treatments while adhering to health and safety regulations. Don't let pest infestations disrupt your peace of mind; choose EradiControl for reliable pest control services in Christchurch.

  • Years Of Experience
  • Professionally Trained
  • COSHH Assessment provided
  • Method Statement provided
  • Prevention and proofing
  • Competitive Prices

Tailored Pest Control Solutions

EradiControl provides specialized pest control services in Christchurch for both domestic and commercial properties. Our team of experts is well-equipped to handle any pest problem efficiently and effectively. We conduct detailed inspections to identify the root causes of infestations, tailor treatment plans based on our findings, and utilize a variety of methods like baiting, trapping, exclusion, and sanitation. By targeting pests at all life stages, we ensure long-term results and prevent future outbreaks. Our friendly service caters to local businesses seeking reliable pest control solutions for their business premises. Trust EradiControl for all your pest issues. - we're the experienced pest control experts in Christchurch you can depend on.

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We will use techniques which will prevent damage, contamination and exposure to you, your employees, your family and your pets and can advise you on how to ensure that there is no recurrence of pests on your property. Specialising in commercial and domestic pest control Christchurch solutions, we offer our services with the utmost discrepancy for your home or commercial property. A survey will be carried out and discussed with you to ensure you are aware of the proposed plan, any issues and what should happen next.

We have a solid background in the pest control sector and are fully certified and insured to provide a high-quality service. Our professional exterminators are highly trained and equipped to inspect, treat and proof residential properties and commercial buildings against various pests. To find out how we can help and get results on the same day, contact us!

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